By Amit Bhuta - ONE Sotheby's International Realty


You just passed your real estate exam. You are totally elated and ready to conquer the world! You have watched a ton of Million Dollar Listing episodes and are ready to start making your millions. In fact, you've received a TON of offers from real estate brokers practically begging you to work for them.

You definitely did not receive any mail from ONE Sotheby's International Realty. According to ONE Sotheby's president, Daniel De La Vega, " we aren’t like other firms that hire any agents – we have minimum productions. We are one of the top three firms in South Florida (depending on how you look at the numbers) and we are doing it with a third of the amount of agents as our other two competitors. We are very proud of that." That was one of the things that drew me to ONE Sotheby's.

The blue for sale signs in front of homes with ONE Sotheby's logos always reminded me of a Tiffany's box. When someone sees a green Tiffany box, two things immediately come to mind regarding what's in the box. One, there is something very valuable inside. And two, it is something of exceptional quality. That is exactly the same thing about the homes that have the Sotheby's blue signs in front of them.

ONE Sotheby's is very different than almost all other real estate brokers. They do not list any house. There has to be something special about the home to "qualify" for their representation. It doesn't have to be special because of the price, but there needs to be something about it that stands out. This is another reason that ONE Sotheby's was a place that I wanted to work for one day.

After I did some more research on Sotheby's, I found out that Sotheby's had 71 of Forbes 100 World's Richest People as clients. That was such an incredible stat to read! In fact, I read and reread it three more times. It seemed unbelievable that any company would have that many of the world's richest people that wanted to do business with them. This impressed me quite a bit.

Nearly all real estate brokers will brag how many hundreds of websites your property will be in if it's listed with them. That is completely the opposite thing that Sotheby's International Realty does. They are proud of the fact that they are on a lot fewer websites. Sounds strange, right? It actually makes total sense. Sotheby's and Sotheby's International Realty spend a great deal of money learning as much as a company can learn about their clients. With that knowledge, they spend ALL their marketing budget in those areas.

Why would someone spend millions of dollars advertising a steakhouse to vegetarians? That is basically the same philosophy that Sotheby's has. Spend a great deal of money promoting your items of value to people that value your items. It doesn't make sense to spend millions of dollars advertising to multi-millionaires promoting a $250,000 development. Or, vice versa, spending millions of advertising dollars to try and get an average wage earner to purchase a $10,000,000 waterfront mansion.

Sotheby's International Realty's way of doing business, their prestige, and the way they looked at advertising convinced me to become a luxury real estate agent at ONE Sotheby's International Realty. There were so many other reasons that I could spend hours telling you about, but the ones I stated were the most important ones to me. Soon after I became an agent for them, I realized it was the ONLY place where I wanted to work. Please see this short video of me describing that very moment.

Being fortunate to work for such a world class company and being looked upon as an authority on the luxury market, is definitely a privilege, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. When people aren't in the real estate industry, they are counting on me to be their eyes and ears of the market. They aren't looking at me to just give them stats. They want me to let them know what's happening now AND what will most probably happen in the near future, and many years from now.

I pride myself on doing the research, spending the countless hours visiting the inventory, speaking to other sellers and buyers, and having as much information as possible to help my clients make the best possible decision. There is not one second that I don't realize how important this transaction is for them and how many people's lives are affected by it.



Dear Mr and Mrs Seller

Here is a glimpse of what ONE Sotheby's Curaytor, and I  can offer to market your special property....MUCH DIFFERENT than What You are Used to Seeing