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Amit Bhuta

Although he was born in India, Amit Bhuta has been living in South Florida for over 40 years and truly loves everything about his home in Miami. ...

Although he was born in India, Amit Bhuta has been living in South Florida for over 40 years and truly loves everything about his home in Miami. ...

Jan 24 4 minutes read

By Amit Bhuta - ONE Sotheby's International Realty      November 12, 2017

One out of every six minutes on the internet, someone is on the Facebook. If you throw in Instagram(owned by Facebook), one out of every five minutes is one of them. 

Let that sink in for a second. At any time in the WORLD, when someone is on their phone, laptop, desktop, or whatever they are using to surf the web or app that uses the internet, 20% of the time they are either on Facebook or Instagram. 

That is such a huge number that it makes sense to get better at it to improve our businesses. I’m not an expert by any means of social media.

BUT, I probably have invested more money and time than a very high percentage of real estate agents.

I spend about $1,500 every month now on Facebook ads. Not including the roughly $20,000 to $25,000 I’ve spent in total on those ads, between Facebook monthly coaching and other courses relating to FB, I've probably invested about $30,000.

When I posted last night about giving you the number one tip to increase your engagement on your personal profiles and your business pages, I later realized that I can’t just give you an answer on a post. It would be too long and it would probably be better in a blog.

Instead of just giving you guys just one tip, I realized I can give you several. So this blog will be the start of many others to come in the future. I hope you look forward to them.

Anyone can get a bunch of likes on their posts every once in a while. But not that many people can get 100 plus comments on their posts.

Since I’m going to be writing blogs for you on Facebook practices every once in a while, I’m going to start with some basics on this post that will turbo-charge your engagement right away.

You need to have the right mindset when you are posting. You aren’t just wasting time on social media. This is a very important part of your job.

Not all posts that you write are necessarily done for engagement. So this doesn’t apply to those. An example would be to making comments while watching a sporting event on tv.

For the ones that are, make sure that you have 30 to 45 minutes available of free time after you post. If you don’t, then don’t post. This is crucial.

Since Facebook only shares your posts with a small percentage of your FB friends, the more engagement immediately after your post, the more people will see your post thru their newsfeed.

So here is today’s tip to increase your Facebook engagement tremendously! When you are doing this, please don’t be fake. Be genuine. This is just as important as what I’m about to tell you.


When someone comments on your post, click like (love, laugh, wow, or cry) to their comment. After you do that, make sure to comment back to every single one of those person’s comments.

I’m not going to explain the dynamics why this works so well. I’ll do that in a future post. I just want you to get in the habit of doing this for now.

Do the same thing on your business page too. I’ll give a more advanced technique for business pages in a future blog.

Here are some posts that I did in the past. Try using one of these today and do what I taught you and please post in the SIR Mastermind to let me know how it went.

I’m looking forward to seeing your posts🙂

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